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Hello, I'm Aleksandra Kabatliyska,
and I'm a multimedia designer
with interest in UI and UX.
I'm working as an designer for
the last few years in the finance
industry & on some freelance

About Me


I've had the pleasure to work on many different projects from apps, branding, video, marketing materials for print or digital. In my free time, I work on a project called Tom&


A selection of recent projects I've worked on.

Multimedia Design



This is regulated UK online broker. The company has offices in London, Milan, Nassau, Sofia and Luxembourg, has own trading platfrm ActivTrader. As part of the design team I've been working on different projects for print and digital, colaborating with UX team, dev team, etc. and preparing creatives for all the offices and markets the company operates on.

Digital design for HR department



I've been careating visual content for PubGalaxy and PhoneArena which are in the advertising business and IT business. I'm working for the HR team, preparing creatives for inhouse use, such as newsletters, different presentational and entry materials for the employees, creatives for social media, etc.

Branding and Webdesign


ZipIt is a Law office with a focus on intelectual property. For them I had the job to create a brad and website for their needs.


Tom and


Tom and are an online petshop in Netherlands. For them I've been creating branding, web assets, social media materials.